Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Where It All Started

In my earlier childhood working in the garden with my Grandpa, he used to say to me “Now you cooking with Gas” as a gesture of endearment. My nickname was Gas as a kid and was derived from my real name Gastinel, which is a French surname in France. With that said, Cooking With Gas was born and inspired through my mother Brenda White and my brother Alvin G White Jr. May they RIP.

My mother spent 30+ years in food service industry for the public school system. My mom fed numerous amounts of people in her lifetime as a head cook. One can only be influenced & inspired by being exposed to her cooking and baking daily throughout our childhood. I remember being as young as 5-yrs old, helping her in the school cafeteria where she worked her entire career. My baby brother created his legacy in the food truck and catering business back home in Louisiana. He taught me a thing or two about smoking meats and the ins and outs of the mobile food business! He was truly my hero and inspired me to go bigger with my ideas and goals in the Las Vegas market.

Chef Gas

Meet the Chef

Being a DJ for over 15 years on the Las Vegas strip, I wanted to bring my passion for music and food together to give people a full Louisiana experience, so I decided to build a gourmet food truck no one has ever seen before.

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